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<February 2023>
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By submitting this form, the Meet Director verifies these Covid-19 guidelines will be in effect at this powerlifting meet:
    1.  Any equipment contacted by the lifter (bar, bench, etc.) will be disinfected between lift attempts.
    2.  Face coverings must be worn by lifters (between lifts), judges, spotters/loaders, table workers and support staff.
    3.  Schools must provide their own back-spotters for squat and bench press.
    4.  Schools must provide their own chalk.
    5.  Provide hand sanitizing stations at each platform.
    6.  Check temperature at weigh-in.
    7.  Discourage the sharing of lifting attire.
    8.  Follow any additional guidelines from your school district and/or local government entities.
    9.  Invitational meets must have a minimum of 2 teams and a maximum of 8.  Also a minimum of 14 lifters and a max of 96.
   10. All judges in dual, tri or quad meets must be certified.
Schools Attending

1. Results must be submitted to your regional director by 4:00 pm the Monday following your meet. (On the last qualifying date they must be submitted by midnight.)
2. Weigh-in for your meet MUST take place the day of the meet and at the location of the meet. (Early weigh-in is only allowed at the regional and state meets)
3. Make sure to check the rulebook or discuss with your regional director to make sure you meet the criteria for a legal meet with regards to having the proper number of lifters and schools at your meet.
4. Make sure you have the proper number of CERTIFIED JUDGES at each platform.
5. Any questions need to be addressed to your regional director prior to your meet.

For help with this form call 806-891-3313 ll 806-891-3313 m call 806-891-3313